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War of Ages: Chapter 1
“Kumar, you have been my friend since the day we were born and ever since that day you've been good to me and my kingdom. I here by decree, Kumar as my official adviser” King Edgar said to the people of his kingdom, they clapped and cheered for their king and now his new adviser. I scoffed at the announcement Father only wants him because he needs someone to look after me I picked up a rock near my boot, clenching it in my hand I prepare to throw it but I’m thrown to the ground. I jump to my feet and lunge at my attacker, it had been my older brother Diego what does this asshole want now I grab him by the shirt and throw him up against the wall. Even though Diego was the oldest, I was much taller and stronger than him.
“What the hell do you want, come to boast in my face some more” I snarl at him, Diego had been crowned heir to the throne. I had worked all my life for that crown and now the one who would kill his own mother for some money was
:iconhipie34:HIPie34 5 7
War of Ages: Introduction
The roar of thunder filled the land; rain stormed the earth with its mighty power.
The sound of thunder was allied but the thousands of horses that flew across the valley.
My kingdom a waits, I’m coming home. At last I return from exile.
My revenge and lust for the blood of those who betrayed me is stronger than ever now that I am on my territory.
“Brother, you better be ready for the storm”.
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Giraffe fun by HIPie34 Giraffe fun :iconhipie34:HIPie34 1 2 I'm just bones by HIPie34 I'm just bones :iconhipie34:HIPie34 12 0 Blue and Cute by HIPie34 Blue and Cute :iconhipie34:HIPie34 14 4
Lupus Anima: chapter 6

"Yellow, what- OK hold on. How are you talking" I say bewildered that this dog was talking to me.
Talking, as in human language.
"Dogs don't talk" I start listing many ways of how dogs cannot possibly speak, Auto just stares with blank eyes.
"Hm, you really don't know"? the muddied red dog said with a friendly gaze. 
"Know what?? What is going on here"?? I shout, now I was starting to get frustrated/scared.
"I'm not talking your language. You're speaking mine". At that second the earth felt as if it had frozen in time, my realization of 'that feeling' was now even more fogged. I'm speaking... His tongue... My confusion had grown so much that all of this felt like a dream, a horrible realistic dream, my body had become so stiff that it felt as if I carried rocks for limbs instead of bones.
Auto didn't reply right away, he only looked away and laid his ears back as if the answer were that dreadful "Your telling of souls animal... that means its
:iconhipie34:HIPie34 1 12
Lupus Anima: chapter 5
No matter how lonely you feel,
you are never alone ~

"Lupus you will come with me this instant! Do you understand" snapped Cray at me, she had found out that I had run away from home and made my new place in the forest. Why? There's nothing for me back there I simply ignore her and roll my eyes, turning my back to the old woman I head for some emerald green bushes where I hid my makeshift home which was just a set of tools and a good sized backpack. I didn't need much, I was always on the move following my prey as they migrated. I knew only knew how to set small traps which would catch frogs, birds, and maybe a rabbit here an a squirrel there. Cray had come crashing through the forest after me, with all the noise she made she probably scared away the prey for miles Ever heard of silent hunting or that you need to be quiet so I can hunt in peace.

"Lupus, honey I just-" I whip around and glare intensely at Cray, everything had
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Perfect day by HIPie34 Perfect day :iconhipie34:HIPie34 1 2 See me? by HIPie34 See me? :iconhipie34:HIPie34 0 0
Warriors: A new beginning chapter 10
“Wait”! Yowled Breezestar walking in between the cats, Ragestar just stood on the outside without saying anything, he just gave his Shadowclan cats a glare and that made them shush. The pale golden tabby's silvery blue eyes blazed with a burning fire, no cat would dare cross this great leader, not even the thought of doubt filled the minds of the warriors. They knew that if the two great leaders trusted the Thunderclan cats that it was safe for them to trust the cats too.
"I don't trust them or you" hissed a hidden voice from with in the wave of pelts, out from the crowd walked a grey stripped tom his black eyes filled with hatred.
"Why do you say that" Said Breezestar towering over the young cat, Shallowheart didn't drop his gaze but walked up to the leader only whiskers away from the leaders face. 
"I won't explain myself to you" hissed Shallowheart, he unsheathed his claws and took a step toward the Windclan cat. Suntail ran up next to Breezestar hissing and gr
:iconhipie34:HIPie34 2 0
Lupus Anima: Chapter 4 See 'ya
It's been four months now since Viper left for Italy, and now Kaly has called himself king of the house,
even though mother is now walking around and not dying anymore she still won't take control
of her life. That leaves me to take the blows of her mistake's and fathers, who I
now know is with another woman, but that doesn't surprise me anymore.
I've turned 11 at last, and I've also turned into the punching bag
of everyone's hate now that I'm old enough I finally know
why. It's because of my spirit animal that
that people pick on me, it's 
because of my

"Lupus bring me my food" Kaly commands, he was laying on the couch like a lazy bum and he expected me to do everything for him now. That's it!! I was sick and tiered of taking Kaly's insults and beatings I have had enough and I'm prepared to take him on, I storm out of the kitchen and toward the door.
"Where are you going" Kal
:iconhipie34:HIPie34 4 5
Together by HIPie34 Together :iconhipie34:HIPie34 1 2 Skull by HIPie34 Skull :iconhipie34:HIPie34 0 0 Ragestar by HIPie34 Ragestar :iconhipie34:HIPie34 1 3
I am a Survivor: Chapter 2
 Lost in the big city
"Names Hank little missy" the tall gentlemen said, he wore cowboy clothes with dark brown boots and a black cowboy hat, tied in a nice straight line were what looked to be four shark teeth.
I turned and pointed the gun at him, Ryan came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder "he helped me with the biters" I put the gun down but hand it out still and I also kept my eyes on on Hank.
"Your smart to be wary" Hank said picking up an apple and biting it then throwing it at me I caught it eww, I let it fall.
"So Ryan what your friends name" Hank said Really, Ryan why trust this guy so easily.
"Sky" I replied before Ryan could, I glare at Ryan an hand him his bag and picked up the turkey.
"We should be on our way now" I said walking towards the door.
"Wait"! Ryan called he stood next to Hank "I think we should team up with Hank we need more protection" I sighed. 

Hell no, your crazy walking back towards Ryan I huff
:iconhipie34:HIPie34 1 0
Lupus Anima: Chapter 3 Better or worse??
5 years later 
Lupus has stated to feel as if there is no point in staying home anymore, ever since she turned 8 Lupus has been sneaking out of her home at midnight. In search of somewhere she can truly call home, her mother's condition has worsened now she barely eats and moves from her desolate spot; Lupus has started to ignore everyone even her friend only current friend, Cray...

"Lupus, Lupus, Lupus, Lupus, Lupus"!! my brother Kaly called again and again trying his best to get on my nerves but I just closed my eyes and plugged my ears with my fingers Quiet!!

"Kaly if you don't shut up I swear I'll go and shut you up" snapped Viper from the kitchen, she had finished packing her stuff and now hungrily ate everything in the fridge. Viper was leaving to the cities, she said that she no longer needed anyone to care for her and she was tired of caring for her weak old mother. I open one eye to see Kaly sticking his tongue out at Viper like a li
:iconhipie34:HIPie34 4 8


Goku - 30 Years of Glory by nikocopado Goku - 30 Years of Glory :iconnikocopado:nikocopado 93 11 Sky Avenue 1:247 by oh-no-melon Sky Avenue 1:247 :iconoh-no-melon:oh-no-melon 42 8 Sky Avenue 1:240 by oh-no-melon Sky Avenue 1:240 :iconoh-no-melon:oh-no-melon 38 6 Legend of the Dragon Saiyans - Pg 1 by Rainstar-123 Legend of the Dragon Saiyans - Pg 1 :iconrainstar-123:Rainstar-123 6 12 vegetto and Gogeta by GoddessMechanic2 vegetto and Gogeta :icongoddessmechanic2:GoddessMechanic2 585 40 Naruto Tensei -Chap 3 -Page 7 by nekoni Naruto Tensei -Chap 3 -Page 7 :iconnekoni:nekoni 1,204 189 DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home - Luck 2 Page 24 by RedViolett DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home - Luck 2 Page 24 :iconredviolett:RedViolett 81 45
The Mark Chapter Ten
Chapter Ten: Goku’s Ambition. Frieza’s Pleasure.
Goku stood looking out over the abyss with fear looming thickly in his heart. It dented his courage, and then he thought of Vegeta, bleeding, and convulsing in terrible pain, and his determination escalated to brave new heights.
He began to lower himself down. As he did, the blackness below hungered and growled. Ripples of crimson black began to stretch and grope for his legs. He had visited King Kai using his teleport ability before this mad exodus, and even the Lord of Worlds was dismayed at Goku’s ultimate decision.
“You’ll die down there, Goku!” King Kai had said, “And you’re alive! Every evil thing in there will want your life-force! And if you don’t die down there first, you’ll go insane!”
Goku wavered in closer. In his hand he held an hour glass filled with sand at the bottom. It would give him exactly half an hour to go in there, find Frieza, and get back out again
:icondarkprincevegeta77:DarkPrinceVegeta77 5 7
Sky Avenue 1:236 by oh-no-melon Sky Avenue 1:236 :iconoh-no-melon:oh-no-melon 42 16 The Sacred World of the Kai's by Brinx-dragonball The Sacred World of the Kai's :iconbrinx-dragonball:Brinx-dragonball 15 13
Dragon Ball Z: A Good Man - 17
      It was like waking up from a nightmare.  Only it hadn’t been a nightmare.  Not a moment of it.  It had been a living Hell.  The transition out of it was strange.  The sights and sounds of it had been taken away long ago – but he’d still smelled the stench of old enemies and regrets.  He’d still felt horrors digging into his skin.  But without his sight or hearing, those terrors had become indistinct.  It had been a blessing.  But now, slowly, Vegeta was coming to the realization that reality had found him again…perhaps.  It was hard to be certain.  His vision was still completely black whenever he opened his eyes and the world was utterly silent.
      A terrible thought occurred.  Have…have I gone deaf and blind?
      He was pretty sure he said that out loud.  But he couldn’t even hear himself speak.  He tried to f
:iconswanofwar:SwanofWar 10 11
DBZ - Luck is in Soul at home - Luck 1 Page 22 by RedViolett DBZ - Luck is in Soul at home - Luck 1 Page 22 :iconredviolett:RedViolett 70 47 DBZ - Luck is in Soul at home - Luck 1 Page 20 by RedViolett DBZ - Luck is in Soul at home - Luck 1 Page 20 :iconredviolett:RedViolett 91 24 Vegeta and Vision by Ookami8067 Vegeta and Vision :iconookami8067:Ookami8067 20 5 Angel Vegetto by GoddessMechanic2 Angel Vegetto :icongoddessmechanic2:GoddessMechanic2 274 21 DBZ - Luck is in Soul at home - Luck 1 Page 11 by RedViolett DBZ - Luck is in Soul at home - Luck 1 Page 11 :iconredviolett:RedViolett 66 22




HIPie34's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am a person of few words but great action.
Okay so let me start:
1. ID pic is what my little sister imagines me as a dog (Sister is 7)
2. I am a very kind person and I will treat you with respect, so long as you show me respect.
3. Uhh, well lets see...
4. Oh yea, I love to write, draw, and also sometimes take photos
5. I am the oldest of 4 children
6. I speak spanish, english, and a little bit italian

Well that is all I have, I thank anyone who follows, favorites, comments, or even just looks at a story or drawing . THANK YOU :D
At last my days of school are over, I can hopefully get back to writing and drawing!!
I have never been more stressed in my life then the pass few 3 weeks, but now I have finished sophomore year and my tests!!
Time for the relaxation of partying, writing, vacations, drawing, and eh who knows what the future holds.
Well basically glad to be back :D

Mood: Exhausted but excited
Listening to: the thunderstorm outside
Reading: NOTHING!!
Watching:It's back to you :P
Playing: was playing Halo 4
Eating: Salad
Drinking: coke


Great story the detail's amazing, love the beginning. Characters are also cool, name are nice, how you describe the cats is also very g...


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